The Sandy Hook Story

January 23rd, 2013


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The Finally Admit It!

Finally, after OVER A MONTH [13], NBC has admitted that Adam Lanza did not have an AR-15 at Sandy Hook. I guess they finally decided that that part of their little hoax was something we just weren't buying.

As many of you know, gun rights activists decided to send a message by making January 19 Gun Right Appreciation Day, with protests against fascist oppression and gun shows in numerous cities around the country. Strangly enough, there were shootings at several of these shows. Are all these sudden and unprecedented "accidents" merely a coincidence, or is it possible that something more sinister is going on?

The Official Story

According to the official story [1], a single, mentaly disturbed shooter--Adam Lanza [2]--entered Sandy Hook Elementary school on the morning of December 14, 2012 and went on a shooting spree, killing 27 people, most of them children. Like in so many of these cases, the shooter conveniently committed suicide following the massacre. Within hours, the anti-freedom Liberals began using the tragedy as an excuse to call for a repeal of the Second Amendment. After only a month, it looks like they may be getting their way.

But Is That What Really Happened?

In reality, there are a lot of strange things going on to suggest that Sandy Hook was either an outright hoax or a false flag operation perpetuated by the United States government in order to take our guns. These points are all very well outlined in the "Sandy Hook Exposed" video, but a summary of the most damning evidence is provided below.

  • There is ample evidence that Lanza was not the only shooter. [3]
  • Initial reports claimed that Lanza's Bushmaster AR-15 rifle was found in the trunk of his car, yet later reports say that it was the primary weapon in the shooting. How could Lanza have use a weapon that he didn't even have on him at the time? [4]
  • Have you ever tried to catch a little kid who doesn't want to be caught? They're really quick. So how was a supposedly untrained, mentally disabled person like Lanza able to kill so many of them? [5]
  • The shooter was originally "misidentified" because he was allegedly carrying his brother Ryan's ID, even though he hadn't seen his brother in years. Could this be an attempt by the real perpetrators to further confuse the details of the operation with misinformation? [6]
  • Initial reports claimed that Lanza's mother was a teacher at the school, but by the next day the media was reporting that she had no connection to the school? [7]
  • Two of the alleged parents were seen laughting and smiling right before going on television to discuss the deaths of their children. Is that how someone who's child was just killed acts? [8]
  • Numerous news outlets, including USA Today interviewed an alleged school nurse named "Sally Cox," but nobody with that name worked at Sandy Hoook. [9]
  • Supposedly a bus driver left several children with a man named Gene Rosen after helping them escape Sandy Hook. Do you honeslty believe that any school official would leave a group fo children with a complete stranger?
  • According to official reports, Emilie Parker was one of the victims, yet she subsequently appeared in photographs with President Obama taken after the shooting.
  • Several of the "citizens of Newtown" have also appeared in videos of other tragedies, such as Columbine. [11]
  • What about the FEMA drill taking place right down the road?
  • Google searches reveal that many of the Sandy Hook memorial sites and even some news stories were posted well before the shooting took place.
  • The Newtown Bee's story on the shooting included a quote from the Sandy Hook principal. One problem: She was among the victims of the supposed assualt.

These are just a few of the many anomalies surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting. We strongly encourage you to  seek out additional information.

[1] Wikipedia entry about Sandy Hook Shooting

[2] We are supposed to believe that Adam Lanza is merely a loner suffereing from some form of insanity. But, is it possible that he is actually an agent of the Obama administration?

[3] Police questioned and even handcuffed a number of suspects when they arrived on the scene of the shooting. This clearly indicates that Lanza was not the only shooter. Some might argue that the police questioned these people because they matched the description of the shooter or because their reason for being at the school was not immediately clear, but that requires calling into question the abilities of the brave men and women who serve in law enforcement to accurately identify a suspect based on brief descriptions provided by panicked witnesses. We had people with no respect for the police in the 60s, too. They were called hippies.

[4] While I also tend to distrust the "lamestream media," I can't thing of a single previous instance where initial reports have later turned out to be incorrect.

[5] It's not like frightened children suddenly lose their survival insticts, and semi-automatic rifles are far from the most effective weapon for killing a lot of people in a short period of time, especially in a relatively open space with ample hard cover, like the average elementary school classroom.

[6] It is well known that the Kennedy assassination conspiracy made use of multiple Oswald look-a-likes, such as  Kerry Wendell Thornley.

[7] Is it possible that this is evidence of a last-minute "script change" that wasn't appropriately communicated to all of the crisis actors involved?

[8] It's not like people ever smile or laugh when reminiscing about deceased loved ones.

[9] This clearly indicates that "Sally Cox" was an actress who got her character's name wrong. The actual nurse at Sandy Hook was named Sarah Cox.

[10] During an interview with Rosen the day after the shooting, he was seen looking over the casualty list. This is especially interesting given that the casualty list wasn't released until two days after the shooting.

[11] These are members of the Crisis Actors government agency who allegedly are used for training exercises.

[12] Was it just a coincidence that it was only offered on the day of the shootings?

[13] The date stamp on the video says December 14, but this did not air until much more recently. I'm assuming it's one of the things they got ready on their website in advance, much like the "memorial pages."